about cathy



Cathy was born in Seattle, Washington but her time there was short before moving to Dallas, Texas. Cathy is the youngest of three siblings, proudly proclaiming herself "the black sheep" of the family--- always having a knack for the arts and being a little...out there. Classically trained and growing up in the theatre, she studied acting professionally before transitioning into film and television, and thus arriving in Los Angeles!  

Cathy has since acted alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, and Abigail Breslin in Fox's Scream Queens, appeared in a second Ryan Murphy produced show in FX's American Horror Storyand is currently recurring in CBS's The Young & The Restless.

Cathy has a strong gift in comedy, studying with The Groundlings, performing stand-up, and having had several internet sketches go viral. She's quirky, bubbly, and full of fun! Stay tuned to see what she's getting into next! ​